Rare and Stunning French Wax Bust/Mannequin on Stepped Marble Base - late 1800's (SOLD)


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Stunning, Rare, Wax Mannequin sculpture of a beautiful lady on a stepped Marble base (SOLD)

Believed to date to the late 1800’s she has a rather sweet legend attached.

She came to light at a Chateau sale in France which was being cleared pre renovations. She was found on a dressing table in one of the bedrooms and was thought to be there because the previous owner of the Chateau had bought it along with some jewellery for his Amoureuse. This fabulous Mannequin had been acquired from a Parisienne jeweller around 1900. The jewellery was presented to her with the Mannequin and had remained in the Chateau until 1998.

Later French Mannequins often had glass eyes, had teeth and wigs. This unique Mannequin has a classical look with an Art Nouveau feel to it with the stepped marble base and attention to her beauty and flowing hair. The inside of her head is packed with straw and is flat to the back so that she does not take up too much space when displayed. Giving this as a gift with some jewellery was a very romantic idea, and how lovely to think that it might be able to happen again!

In near perfect condition with a few minor scratches to the flat back.

Marble Base: 20 x 20cm
Overall Height: 40 cm

Note: This stunning Mannequin is made of wax so obviously should be kept away from hot environments.

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